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The founders of Canton Theatre Kids, Taylor Bond and Lisa Knight, have been directing children’s theatre together since 2012. We have dedicated our lives to providing healthy, positive, and truly magical theatrical opportunities to children in Stark County for over ten years.  Our program is unique in how we care about our students’ well-being first, and always. We are known for the relationships we build with our students, and it is important to us they know their worth and feel special both onstage and off. The mission of Canton Theatre Kids is to create theatre experiences that inspire, encourage, and uplift. We strive to be a light in the lives of our students. Our theatre program is a place to learn, grow in curiosity, empathy, and imagination, where everyone is important. Our success is not what happens on the stage -- it can be found in the process, the journey of making friendships, building confidence, supporting one another, and our young people taking pride in their work and who they are.

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